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With Tim Clark's guitar  added in 2014 AND pETE nASIR ON KEYBOARD IN 2017, FORMER MEMBER AND KEYBOARD, VOCAL, lOUIS CLARK RETURNED 2019, AND ADDING GUITAR AND LEAD VOCAL, TYLER CANNON IN 2019,  New Country has been added to the Classic Rock Country Rock with a little Blues thrown in for good measure. Having the privilege again to open for a very well known country singer, Trent Tomlinson in 2014 the new Riverside bAND IS ramping it up to hit it hard. With great music, a dynamic show AND A NUMBER OF fairs AND festivals UNDER THEIR BELT THE LAST SIX YEARS they are hoping for some bigger and better venues IN THE FUTURE.

For booking information contact:

Steve Brookshier
Cell: 1-573-721-2777

Mark raufer 
Cell: 1-573-470-5559


Tyler Cannon is the latest member of the group. He has joined Riverside after a 5 year stint in Nashville. He brings youth, a good guitar and a great voice to an already talented group. He sings all styles of music which will just add to some already great music.

Tim Clark is probably one of the most talented lead guitar players around our area. He has played in several different bands over the years and is very well known in the guitar circle having opened up for national artists such as Walter Trout, Bernard Allison and Tab Benoite. He loves classic rock and blues is his passion but he has jumped into the modern country with both feet and is finding out he has a new talent. Tim did guitar work on the Simple Life CD and has also done studio work for other projects. Tim is very laid back on stage but he lets his guitar do the entertaining and no one does it better. This being the second time around with the group he will bring the added sound Riverside is looking for.

Mark Raufer has been playing drums professionally since a young age in several different bands. This is the third time with Riverside and is hoping that the third time is a charm. A very dynamic drummer it is a treat to watch him play, he puts so much passion into every song and even though he decides not to do a lot of vocals, has a great voice that adds so much when it is needed. Mark has one song credited to him on the Simple Life CD and has done some studio work for other regional artists, he is the driving force behind Riverside and wants this revamping so much; he thinks the fans that have followed, and the new, needs to see a new and improved Riverside.

Steve Brookshier has been around playing and singing for decades with no plans to stop anytime soon. He plays the bass with Riverside but also plays guitar and does vocals. Performing since the age of 15 in several bands it has always been a passion of his to be in front of an audience. Nothing brings him more enjoyment than performing to a crowd of fans. Also a songwriter, he has several songs on CD's and copyrighted in his name. A very dynamic performer, he loves to bring a show to the crowd and watch the fans.

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Pete Nasir is the latest member of Riverside. A very talented individual he plays keyboard and guitar. Pete has played in numerous bands over the years and is hoping he has landed in the final one. Also very in depth in running sound he has worked with some very big national acts over the years. Riverside is glad to have him aboard.

louis 2.png

Louis Clark has decided to return to his roots with Riverside. Louis has been performing since he was a child. A very talented keyboard player and vocalist he bring a lot of energy to every one of his performances. We welcome him back with open arms.

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